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Top lab grown diamond wholesale manufacturer: Lab created round diamond are perfect for rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets. For those who want to create the illusion of a larger diamond in a solitaire ring, a halo setting is recommended. This type of setting features a halo of small lab grown diamonds that surrounds the center diamond and enhances its brilliance. As a round lab grown diamonds supplier, messi jewelry lab grown round diamonds are certified by the international gemological institute (igi), the independent laboratory diamond grading laboratory, size from 0.3ct to 12ct. Contact us to get the round brilliant cut diamond list and best price today! Find extra info at wholesale lab grown diamond.

What is Lab Grown Diamond? The technology of lab grown diamond in the laboratory’ has been around for many years. lab grown diamond is to simulate the growth environment of natural diamond in the laboratory. A diamond seed is cultivated by HPHT high temperature and high pressure method or CVD chemical deposition method through high temperature and high pressure processing to make it grow continuously. Its chemical, physical, atomic, optical and other characteristics are the same as natural diamond, with the same visual effect, but the price is much cheaper than natural diamond. In 2018, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) officially announced that diamond grown in the laboratory were real diamond. Matthew Hall, Vice President of the GIA Certification Body Association, also stated that the diamond cultivated in the laboratory are real diamond with the same optical, chemical, thermal, and physical properties.

Lab grown diamond only requires a 30% to 50% discount on the retail price of natural diamond. For example, For example, at a price level, you cannot buy a natural diamond ring for 30 cents, but you can buy a lab grown diamond ring for 1 carat. Overall, purchasing lab grown diamond is relatively cost-effective, and under the same budget, large and shiny diamond can be purchased. Wuzhou Messi Gems Co., Ltd specialized in manufacturing and selling lab grown diamond and lab grown diamond Jewelry. We output 1,000 carats IGI certified Lab Grown diamond Monthly. We have IGI Polished Diamond Grader as well as professional and experienced diamond sales team. Your designs and specifications for OEM or ODM are warmly welcome.

Regarding weight: Due to different densities, the same weight of a moissanite diamond looks much larger than a diamond. Regarding cutting: Whether it’s diamonds or moissanite, cutting is a highly overlooked but important standard for consumers. Good cutting can better reflect the shining fire color of the moissanite diamond. Regarding color: Although moissanite are artificially synthesized gemstones, it is still difficult to synthesize rare D-colored moissanite. When making a purchase, it is still important to choose colors in the D, E, and F levels as much as possible. Regarding cleanliness: Diamonds are natural products, and defects are inevitable. moissanite are artificially synthesized, but they cannot avoid defects in the process, whether it is surface defects or small impurities wrapped inside. The higher the quality of moissanite, the higher the price naturally.

On this page we showcase large lab created diamonds, this type of diamond is more suitable for delicate and personalized engagement ring collections for women, customized sparkling brooches for attending large events at galas, one-of-a-kind necklaces for collections, and more. Featuring our stunning selection of 5ct-20ct large lab grown diamonds in a variety of shapes and colors. From round to heart and pear shaped, we have a wide selection of diamonds to choose from. Find even more info on

This type of “naked eye drilling” carries risks, so it is recommended to directly seek reliable merchants or send them to professional testing departments for testing to avoid being deceived. As the world’s second hardest and most shining “gem”, the cost-effectiveness of moissanite diamonds is simply super high. From an economic perspective, if you only like the brilliance and durability of diamonds, moissanite is actually a very suitable choice. After all, no one can resist the temptation of buying a completely explosive moissanite for one tenth of the price of a diamond!

Lab grown emerald is not a “fake gem” or a “substitute” for gemstones, but a laboratory grown emerald with a structure consistent with natural emerald. Lab grown emerald and natural emerald have many similarities. First, they are identical in appearance, and natural emerald and lab grown emerald cannot be distinguished by naked eyes alone. In professional appraisal institutions, it is only with the help of professional instruments that they can be clearly distinguished from the growth patterns. Secondly, both have the same basic attributes. The price calculation mode of both is also the same, and their prices are determined based on carat size, gemstone color, gemstone cutting, gemstone clarity, and later processing. Colombia lab grown emerald, achieving the most authentic inclusions and natural colors, and is currently the closest variety to natural emerald.