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Adenosine System – There’s a molecule called Adenosine that is cleared by your body when you sleep and as soon as you wake up starts building up in your brain. The longer you’re awake, the more adenosine builds up. By night, this builds up so much it makes you want to fall asleep. Caffeine is an adenosine antagonist. It binds to adenosine receptors, so adenosine can not bind. This makes you less tired, but as soon as the caffeine wears off, you get a massive flood of adenosine that has been building up. This is why you get a caffeine crash. You should stop caffeine intake 10 hours before your bedtime. If you go to bed at 11 pm, your last coffee should be 1 pm.

Food choices do matter. 300 calories from chicken breast is going to fill you up a lot more than 300 calories from your favourite sweet soda or a snack bar. Here are some simple tips that will help you stick to your diet and get you in shape in no time. Follow this advice and you’ll keep the excess kilograms off while not starving yourself or having sudden cravings: Don’t drink your calories – Stop drinking sugary drinks as it’s not going to keep you full. Same goes for protein shakes when you’re dieting. Yes protein shakes are great for convenience, but whole foods are going to keep you satisfied for much longer.

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Omega 3 is also known for reducing systemic inflammation, which leads to many diseases such as cancer and heart disease. In addition to eating 3 portions of fatty fish per week, I suggest also supplementing Omega 3 in the form of fish oils. The best product is Oh-mega Pharma Pro from Trained By JP. It’s free from any heavy metals and it’s in triglyceride form, which is much more bioavailable than its ethyl ester form, that most companies use. It contains 4g of EPA/DHA in total, which is the dose that gives you the most powerful health benefits.

Switching it up – This is the most common mistake I see everyone make, and a lot of personal trainers too! You need to stick to the same sessions for a significant amount of time to get fitter. If you keep switching sessions you never know whether you’re improving or not. Which quite often is deliberate so you can hide away from being held accountable to your times. Stick to one machine – When starting your cardio stick to one piece of equipment. Rower, assault bike or ski erg and if you’re lighter and can run properly.