Meet Sarid Drory New York and some of his restaurant growth ideas

Sarid Drory New York or the ascent of a restaurant development expert: Sarid Drory has been delivering keynotes around the US over a decade, drawing on his unique and sometimes hilarious experiences at the intersection of restaurants, sales, entrepreneurship, and media. As a European citizen, he pursued his passion for high-end restaurant industryacquiring wine and beverage skills in France and Italy, and then emigrated to New York City to apply his studies and experiences. Read additional information at Sarid Drory 229. Try to find out the food that most people want to eat in your local area. If one would like to serve the same food, then make it a point that the food that we serve has a different twist when it comes to the taste. Do not offer an extremely high price when the business just started. People would like to eat yummy and healthy food but, their budget is still their number one priority. The menu needs to be budget-friendly.

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It takes more than a well-designed web presence that highlights menus and specials. Industry studies report that 80 percent of potential customers check out restaurant websites and online reviews before they make a decision. Invest in social media management that stretches your market reach and helps you win important positive reviews. You’ve established your brand, but you want to improve the bottom line. If you wonder about how to make a successful restaurant better, think beyond the dining room. Branch out with off-site catering. Explore on-site options with alfresco service. Take profits to another level by expanding on your current success.

Since that time, Drory has cultivated a prestigious history of success in the New York City restaurant scene. His first purchase was Ye Waverly Inn from the family who had run the establishment for three generations. Due to his strategic upgrades to the restaurant, including the installation of the famed garden, Drory created a popular New York hot spot and tripled the revenue in three years. After 14 years for ownership, he sold Ye Waverly Inn for seven figures. Next, Drory bought The Cub Room restaurant from renowned chef, Henry Meer for $1.25 million. After a year of ownership he had increased the revenue by 70%. Totaling in 8,000 square feet, The Cub Room housed a 3,000 square foot dining area, a lounge with a bar which was further expanded by Drory, with 89 types of scotch and 94 types of vodka. An organic café occupied the third room, which became a favorite hangout area for New Yorkers. After about ten years Drory sold the restaurant for $2.5 million

Drory’s next restaurant and renovation project was Greenwich café, a 24-hour café, which became a well- loved spot by its downtown West Village community. Barbara Walters even chose the restaurant to host a 4-hour, on-location live show where the community played an integral part of the broadcast. The initial project cost for the restaurant was $350,000 and it was sold for $1.8 million, adding to Drory’s portfolio. Along with Lesly Bernard, best known for Pravda and Clementine, and Herb Wilson, formerly of Bambou and Jack’s Fifth, Drory next remade Greenwich into NYC, which was acquired for $2.2 million. Drory’s other projects have included two Italian restaurants, located in East and West Village, and called Tanti Baci. Drory brought in special cooks from a village in Palermo, Italy, where his father was raised, to enhance the romantic feel of the restaurant. The two restaurants were a big success after 14 years of operating and were sold for $1.8 million each.

One of Drory’s latest projects is Artisanal Bistro, located on 2 Park Avenue, noted as NYC’s first artisanal food entries. After acquiring Artisanal, Drory made many improvements in the first 40 days, including saving $1.2 million by cutting expenses and adding enhancements to the environment for the clientele that love Artisanal. Menu enhancements by Drory include offering 81 types of wine by glass to match the existing menu of 197 types of cheese; expert bakers from Breads to add to the wine and cheese experience; and increasing the wine selection list to include top shelf cognac and scotch. Drory hired Adam Tihany, the famed hospitality designer who originally designed the space, to renovate Artisanal. Additional contracts in the works include two downtown hotspots; Spitzer’s Corner on 101 Rivington Street and Los Feliz on 109 Ludlow Street. Spitzer’s was bought for $5.2 million and Los Feliz for $2.8 million. Sarid also bought the club Fat Baby for $3 million. Drory will be moving Artisanal to a better and bigger location on Park Avenue, because Sarid would like to share the space with a substantial retail space for cheese and pastries by Fall 2016.

Running a restaurant can be tricky, especially if you are a first-time restaurateur. This industry is fraught with problems ranging from budget issues to staffing shortages. However, you can have restaurant success with the help of these useful tips to get you going.

Appreciate Your Staff – When you show appreciation for your staff, they work harder for you. Offer bonuses for a job well done and let your team members know they can always come to you with creative ideas or concerns. Consistency – It is crucial to be consistent with your service, food quality and atmosphere. By maintaining friendly staff and having delicious fresh ingredients it shows your customers you care. Keep in mind that an occasional change is good to refresh the look of your restaurant and update your menu with new items. It should be appealing to the eye as well as appealing to the palette.