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Custom metal fabrication supplier right now? TOPSON’s factory for decorative sheets is equipped with several surface treatment production lines and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD color coating) production line. TOPSON stainless steel decorative sheets are applied with various surface finishes and colors. Basic finishes like hairline, No.4 satin, mirror, etching, bead blast, embossed and vibration. And mostly they are mixing several surface treatment techniques with colors, such as hairline gold, mirror etching rose gold. Discover extra information at custom metal fabrication.

The purpose of the Aluminium is to provide a decorative connection or a cool seating area, some people still placed their pavilions in the forefront of the Pergola Aluminium, so they can sit in the hot summer, but do not have to under the sun. Rain. If your garden has an entrance channel, consider building an aluminium-made Izola as a tree, making the channel to the garden more natural and beautiful. You can also purchase an oversized Pergola Aluminium to suit the guest’s barbecue, bar counter or dining area.

Second, custom stainless steel screen production process characteristics. Stainless steel screen is divided into: stainless steel plate laser hollow cutting screen and stainless steel pipe welding screen. Stainless steel plate hollow screen process, is directly laser-laser cutting of the stainless steel plate or the grate, surface flat, no burr. The stainless steel pipe welding screen has two processes; one is a seamless process, one is a seamless process. The seam seam process is on the front of the screen to see the cutting 45 degree angle, spelling, seamless processes are from the entire appearance, can’t see the solder joint.

As one of Topson’s multiple product series, the stainless steel grating series enjoys relatively high recognition in the market. We use high-quality 304, 304L, 316, or 316L alloys, rugged, durable, designed to withstand severe corrosion and high humidity environments. Frequent uses of stainless steel grating include walkway platform, staircase, entrance, and trench grille. Water treatment, chemical processing, oil and gas production, food processing, and outdoor industries can benefit from this type of grating.

Stainless steel decorative sheets are always showed luxurious and amazing. It is mostly combined with several various finishes treatment, patterns treatment plus color coating. Normally, decorative sheets will be done with basic surface finish treatment first. Basic surface treatment are normally including mirror finish, No.4 satin finish, hairline finish and bead blasted finish. And bead blasted finish is normally done with mirror finish first to avoid any dirty left on the original 2B finish cold rolled stainless steel sheet. Pattern treatment will be the second. Normal pattern treatment is embossed and etched. Color coating and anti-fingerprint are normally the last. Find even more info on

Sulphuric acid test Sulphuric acid immersion stainless steel sheets test can distinguish 302 and 304 from 316 and 317. The cut edge of the sample shall be finely ground and then cleaned and passivated for half an hour in nitric acid (specific gravity 1.42) at a volume concentration of 20~30% and a temperature of 60~66℃. The volume concentration of sulfuric acid test solution is 10%. When heated to 71℃, 302 and 304 steels are immersed in this hot solution, they are rapidly corroded and produce a large number of bubbles, and the sample turns black in a few minutes. In contrast, the 316 and 317 steel samples are not corroded or react slowly (no bubbles are produced), and the samples do not change color within 10 to 15 minutes. More accurate tests can be made if samples with known components are used for approximate comparison.