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Even though it is extremely easy to get through, the story is strong enough to keep players hooked. It was so good, in fact, that it spawned the series’ first-ever live-action movie, which was also fairly well-received by fans and critics. Whether or not fans will ever get a sequel to either remains to be seen though. How Many Pokemon are there in Detective Pikachu? As players explore Ryme City they’ll encounter almost 100 Pokemon, many of whom will provide clues that will help them to solve cases. Including Pikachu, the game has 97 Pokemon in total, though given that this number accounts for both regular and Alolan Rattata, it could be argued that there are only actually 96. For those looking for a more traditional Pokemon puzzle game, Pokemon Picross is a fairly decent shout. Much like the Mario Picross game which came before it, the game doesn’t really have too much to do with Pokemon, but thanks to the strength of the Picross formula, that needn’t really be an issue.

When you compare them with the other games in the series, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl didn’t do anything too groundbreaking to really shake things up. One notable thing it did do, however, was bring Pokemon trading into the modern age. Instead of using a cable link, it made use of the Nintendo DS’ WiFi connectivity to trade Pokemon with other players. While some new features did come into play too, most of them built on those that were already introduced in Ruby and Sapphire. Before the enhanced Platinum version came along, the animations had a habit of slowing down the battle sequences, which made the pacing feel a bit off. It does also deserve some credit for its story: the evil Team Galactic conduct science experiments to try and take control of the Legendaries in the Sinnoh region in some rather weird ways, but it’s not as gripping as other stories we get to experience.

Though undoubtedly a big step up from the first Pokemon Rumble game, Blast still has a lot of problems. The graphics are poor, the gameplay is repetitive and the story is incredibly lackluster too. It’s not bad in short bursts but lacks the substance required to justify the decision to release the game as a full-priced title. How Many Pokemon are there in Pokemon Rumble Blast? Pokemon Rumble Blast features every Pokemon to have featured in the franchise up to the release of Pokemon Black & White. This means there are a total of 646 Pokemon available to players, though, like the previous Pokemon Rumble game, these come in the form of Pokemon toys rather than actual Pokemon.

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