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Best table decor online shopping in Australia right now? All of our cheese boards, chopping boards, serving boards and coasters are different in colour, grain and texture. Our commitment towards making better handmade products for our customers ensures that we provide nothing but the best quality on the market. Order one of our versatile cutting boards for your home or to give to family or friends and you will agree that we are providing a great quality product within our market. See even more details on serve wares online store Australia.

Made and designed in Australia. Our Premium Camphor Laurel cheese boards produce stunning grains and a beautiful aromatic smell. They are considered one of the best when it comes to food preparation due to the natural anti-bacterial properties found within the wood. These versatile, multipurpose cutting boards are perfect for cutting meats, chopping veggies/fruits, serving cheese platters and so much more while adding a bright and refreshing touch to your kitchen decor.

Handmade homeware woodworking, whether thrown on the wheel or built by hand, retains the texture of the clay even when it is glazed. Depending on the design, you can sometimes feel some gritty bits of the earthy clay under your fingers and thumbs when you touch it, which somehow creates the connection between you, the earth, and the product. Sometimes, you can still see where the item has been removed from the wheel and it retains the gorgeous rhythmic lines as a reminder of its handcrafted nature, and of the maker behind it. It feels weighty, which automatically conveys quality and, if we’re talking about a stylish handmade homeware woodworking mug, warm and full in your hands which conjures up a feeling of cosiness and comfort.

Camphor Laurel timber has also been found to have innate anti-bacterial properties due to the naturally occurring oil in the timber, which makes it ideal for use in breadboards. The naturally occurring chemicals that provide these properties include; camphor, safrole, cineole, cinnamaldehyde, fatty acids, mannitol, limonene, tannins, terpineol, eugenol, pinene, linalool, and geraniol (3, 4). The kiln drying used in the processing of the timber ensures that these chemicals will not contaminate food prepared on the boards.

Stonewood Collections aims to provide you with the same products as shown on the website. However all our products are different in colour, texture and grain as the timber taken is grown at different climates with different amounts of water and sun. Due to the different timber or stone used, colour, texture, tone and grain this is NOT possible, please ensure you carefully read the product description before purchasing. Also, colours displayed on your computer monitor, mobile phone or other electronic device may vary due to your selected colour settings. The shape and size are also slightly different as all boards and products are uniquely selected and handcrafted, so no two pieces will ever look exactly the same, each piece is unique and one of a kind. Our incredible woodworkers are incredibly talented at what they do, we are sure you will love your new product. Read more details on