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Top photography company London by Soho Fashion Studios? Soho Fashion Studios is a power house of multi-functional photography company. We shoot for E-commerce, influencer content, LGBTQ+ makeover shoots, fashion portfolios for models, images for dating profiles and much much more. Coaching – Many models want to be coached, our photographers are used to working with people with no experience in front of the camera so are always on hand should you need help. We offer flexible payment options. Your shoot can be paid monthly via our payment partner Klarna so you can have you shoot now and pay for it over the next 3 months. Discover extra info on soho fashion studios.

The most nerve-wrecking part was finding out whether we were successful or not and we both happened to be successful! We were both overjoyed that we decided to give modelling a try. About a week or so later an agency contacted the studio saying they would love to have us in their agency. So as we’re writing we are with an agency and we will soon start work! We’re so overwhelmed by how quickly this happened and we did not expect it at all! We honestly give this a 5 star and would recommend this to anyone and everyone who is interested in modelling and is eager to start a modelling career!

Any successful Influencer knows that a successful campaign and collaboration is built upon personal relationships and captivating content. That’s why we at Soho Fashion Studios are perfectly placed in the heart of Soho to help you creative captivating images and content that will have your followers buzzing. Free Shoots: If you have over 20,000 followers we are looking for brand ambassadors.

I visited glass model Studio in London on the 8th of July, my overall experience is unforgettable. I found the staff very friendly and professional who took their jobs incredibly serious. As soon as I arrived, I was well informed of what will be happening during the photoshoot. An experienced stylist organised the clothes for the photoshoot and as soon as I had my first outfit on, the makeup artist did not waste any time, she applied my make up to match the style of the outfit and my hair was styled accordingly. I was amazed with the outcome. I then went for the photoshoot, the photographer guided me on how to pose, I was nervous at first as I have never done a photo shoot before, at the age of 44, I though, I`m too old but the photographer made me feel relaxed. Some of the photos were taken inside the studio and some outside the studio, the outcome was great.

5 key things you need to do to become an influencer: Find your niche and stay on brand; think if influencing as starting a business; Find your hook, what is going to get people to follow you and listen to your recommendations; Network with other influencers in the same industry; Understand the difference between each social network and how they can work for you. Our specialist photographers have taken actor headshots for 1000’s of models and actors so you can be assured you will be working with a professional team.

High Fashion Shoots for everybody: Our aim is to make high fashion shoots available to everyone not just the select few. We aim to shoot magazine and editorial style images for the person next door. We should all have chance to shine! We have a varied team from all backgrounds. Even on a simple photoshoot you will come in to contact with our creative directors, editors, photographers, image processing team and makeup artists. Fashion shoots are a great way to lift your mood. They can be great for your mental health, book yours now to put a spring in your step. Discover additional information at photography studio London.