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Do a gap year doing temporary jobs in London to build experience: 18 year olds who have done A Levels are in a strong position for applying for temporary jobs in London within office support. This gives you the opportunity to gain experience in the workplace. Not only does this help you build a strong CV which could help you earn money during your eventual university course in a much more pleasant way than bar work or retail, it may even help you determine what you want to do with your career. It’ll even make you more employable into the world of business once you’ve gained your degree, as it’ll set you apart from those whose work experience is limited to hospitality and retail.

Getting the right experience by temping in London: It’s through Love Success that I discovered that temping is an excellent way to get the experience you need to get future jobs. But also the experience I needed to build a CV and also discover what I actually wanted to do. I’m a good all-rounder, so it’s been hard to settle on what suits me best. Love Success has also helped with offering training in areas I need to improve, so that’s good too. In fact, I’ve found that working with Love Success, my confidence has grown as I feel like I have someone in my career corner.

Many businesses use an exit interview to learn more from leaving employees than they can from those within the organisation. They are hoping that you will be more candid and may even reveal problems for staff retention. However, you need to approach an exit interview in the way that’s best for you, ensuring a number of different things, from a good reference to not burning bridges with professional relationships. Here our top London recruitment agency takes you through how to approach an exit interview. You should be told about an exit interview in advance, so you can give it some thought.

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