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High quality legal support in New Jersey from Sandy Ferner? What Is Mediation Parenting? Mediation is an excellent alternative to litigation in many areas of divorce and post-divorce matters. Many people think that mediation is mostly used for financial matters and don’t really think about mediation for custody and parenting time matters. I think that mediation is the perfect forum to discuss and resolve parenting time and custody issues whether that’s in a divorce or post-divorce. The best thing about mediation for parenting time and custody issues is that the mediator and the parties can work together in an environment outside the courtroom that focuses on the best interests of the children. Except in extreme circumstances, most parents want what is best for their child. Sometimes they just have a problem reaching those goals, and sometimes their emotions get in the way of clear thinking. Find extra details about Sandy Ferner.

Law advice of the day with John Sandy Ferner : At all steps of the way, in my cases, we tell our clients how they can save money by doing certain things themselves. We always tell all of our clients the more prepared you are, the better it is going to be for your case and the less money you’re going to have to spend on us to prepare your case. If you have any questions at all regarding keeping expenses down, how you can produce documents and gather documents without going through the legal process, please give us a call. That is always at the forefront of our thinking— how to approach a case efficiently and save our clients money while achieving the best result.

Property owners have a duty to ensure that their premises are safe for their guests. This includes a duty to ensure that any slip and fall hazard is identified and remedied as quickly as possible. Charlotte slip and fall incidents regularly result in victims sustaining severe injuries, including broken and dislocated bones, severe sprains and strains, concussions, and more. Slip and fall injury victims are often able to recover various types of compensation from property owners and insurance carriers.

After the lawsuit is filed, the creditor will hire a constable or private process server whose job is to deliver a copy of the lawsuit to you (this process is what is referred to as ‘being served’). The constable or private process server will usually be looking for you at your last known address. Occasionally they will attempt to serve you are your place of employment. If the constable or private process server cannot find you to serve you (for example, if they have an incorrect or outdated address or if you are at work each time they come by), the lawyers may ask the judge for permission to serve you by another method – such as leaving the lawsuit at your house with anyone over the age of 16 or affixing the lawsuit to your door.

Grandparents don’t have independent rights to visit their grandchildren and certainly not independent custody rights to their grandchildren. The only time or the only situation where you might have a grandparent assume custody or be granted guardianship over a grandchild is if both parents in some way aren’t able to care for their children, where there’s drug or alcohol issues or there’s incarceration issues, and they’re really looking to the next of kin to care for those children. Grandparents sometimes come into that.

State v. Anthony Sims, Jr. (A-53-20) (085369): Justice Albin dissented in the Sims’ case because the admission of the defendant’s statement to detectives violated his right against self-incrimination. The final decision by the court held that there is no error in the trial court denying the motion for the defendant to suppress his statement to the police and the plaintiff’s hearsay statements at the pretrial hearing were admissible. The plaintiff’s testimony implicated Sims’ violated his own confrontation rights. Whether or not police officers, prior to interrogation are required to inform an arrestee of the charges that will be filed against them is related to the Miranda rights issue. Sims was not told about the charges he was facing and without knowing the charges the defendant faces, they will not be able to intelligently decide whether to waive their right to self-incrimination. It should not have been difficult for police officers to make him aware of these charges because they justify the defendant’s detention. You can see which direction Justice Albin was going in by his dissenting opinion, to enhance defendants’ Miranda rights.